Four Churches working together, as they follow Christ and serve the people of Bilston, Darlaston, Willenhall and Wolverhampton (East Park) under the Patronage of St. John Henry Newman.
Four Churches working together, as they follow Christand serve the people of Bilston, Darlaston, Willenhalland Wolverhampton (East Park) under the Patronage of St. John Henry Newman.

Holy Mass for those without internet access (please share)

On Sunday we are trialling a way of helping parishioners who do not have internet access to hear Holy Mass on their telephone.

All you have to do is follow these instructions:

Dial: +44 333 0164 757
Room number: 16448758 #
Guest PIN: 6769 #

You will be 'on hold' before Mass begins and you will be muted (we won't hear you singing!).

Please pass this on to family and friends who have not been able to access online Mass.

This is not a premium number you will be charged no more than you would for making a local call.

(Under Ofcom regulations, calls to your 03 dial-in number MUST be included in the bundled minutes offered by UK mobile and landline networks just like calls to 01 and 02 numbers, but please note, it is wise to check with your phone provider to confirm the specific terms and conditions of your minutes allowance. Some, but not all providers operate a different charging policy after a certain call duration (usually 1 hour). If your provider follows this practice, our advice would be to hang up and re-dial after 55 minutes to avoid call charges)

Please note that Ascension day Mass was streamed in two halves due to technical issues

Update: Monday 23rd March 2020 at 22:15


Dear Parishioners,


The Government have now stated that church buildings are to be closed. 


With immediate effect St. Joseph's, Wolverhampton, along with the three other churches of the Cluster will be closed. The appropriate action regarding this has been taken for each building.  


I will continue to say Mass each day and hope to be able to live stream it also.


Please continue to keep one another in prayer and let me know if there is anything I can do to be of help.


With love and Prayers,


Fr. Craig




Previous Announcemnt: 


We have now received notification from our Bishops that Public Masses and Liturgies are to be suspended.

In the Cluster, we had already suspended the Masses, for this week, following advice given by the Director for Public Health for Wolverhampton.

There will therefore be no public masses or liturgies in the Cluster churches until further notice.

A few things to take note of as we begin this journey:

1) In need
If you are in need at all, please either message or phone me. Please remember that I am here for you as are other members of our 'Faith family'. Even if its just for a chat.... If anyone is sick and needs anointing etc please do let me know.

If you have been 'looking out' for someone, as I know many of you have been, and are then unable to do so, then please let us know. Communication is going to be so important going forwards

Many thanks also to so many of you who have already said that you want to help others in our local communities in any way you can. I will contact people with specific requests for help as and when we receive them (always ensuring that we follow good practice regarding safety and safeguarding)

The Good Shepherd, reported last night that they are starting to run short of supplies. If you are able to donate non perishable food items then please drop them off in a bag in the porch at St. Joseph's when we are open (or let me know and I'll open up). I will then arrange for them to be delivered to them.

2) Live Streaming of Masses
We will seek to live stream our Mass each day at the time we would have usually have had a Mass. The intentions will be published on the newsletter online (We will also offer those Mass Intentions again at a later date should people wish).

Please do join us in prayer - as a community lets stick together virtually if we can't physically. Notification of the live stream will be on our web page.

3) Sunday Obligation
As the Bishops point out, in a situation like this, our Obligation to be at Mass is suspended.

Please though let's keep each other in prayer. I will offer a Sunday Mass via live stream each week at 10.00am on the Sunday Morning.

There will be no broadcast of the Saturday Masses or the other Sunday Morning Masses.

Put a reminder on you phone etc to ensure that you join us.

4) Church Opening
it is not possible to open all four of our churches safely. I therefore suggest that we keep St. Joseph's, Wolverhampton open for private prayer each day between 12noon and 3.00pm in the first instance.

If you wish to visit at another time or visit one of our other churches, please just let me know I will open the Church with pleasure. Do please ask!

5) Please let those who you know do not have the internet etc of what is happening. I will place this notice on our noticeboards outside churches as well though.

You all very much remain in my prayers.

God bless,

Fr. Craig

To read more about what our Bishops have said. Please visit:




Our four churches are situated in

Bilston, Darlaston,Willenhall and Wolverhampton (East Park).


We are a diverse group of people of different backgrounds

and different ages who are brought together day by day

and week by week,as we seek to live out the

Catholic Faith in its fullness.



If you are new to our cluster of churches,

or have been away for a while,we warmly invite you to be part

of our family of faith and help us build up the

Body of Christ in this part of the Black Country


Please have a look around the site

to find out more about our church communities.


You may like to look at our facebook page

which has the latest information on it about our cluster also.


If you have any comments or questions,

or you would like to get more involved in the parish, 

please get in touch with Fr Craig using the contact details

elsewhere on this website.


May God bless you,
Father Craig


Parish Priest of Cluster

 Our Cluster Churches are part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham,

Registered Charity Number 234216





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